Apps First Basics Videos
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Apps First Basics

  • 02:08 Popular Wizards.BasicUseCases


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    After creating dataclass and entity you have to use Basic Usecase Wizard for completing the App. Basic Usecase wizard is used to generate code for creating controls, menu,Pads etc. In this video you can go through each steps of the wizard deeply. It will

  • 03:45 Popular Wizards.DataClass


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    In this video you will get a demo of creating a dataclass and editing the data class, which is one of the most basic steps of creating an App. In this video you can go through each steps of creating a dataclass using wizard. After creating dataclass only,

  • 01:15 Popular Security


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    In this video you can study how you can secure your app created from outside interventions. In App First there is a well versed identity access management system, so that you can set security according to the users. This video helps you to understand how

  • 05:10 Popular App Preview

    App Preview

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    Apps First helps you to create enterprise scale, fully functional web applications in a few hours of time. In this demo video you can go through an App created using Apps First. It helps you to understand the overall look and feel of an App created using

  • 02:53 Popular Overview


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    In this video you can get an overall picture about Apps First. This video tells about the basic features about Apps First . As the name denotes, it is just an overview about all the features available in the Apps First. It will gives an overall idea about

  • 05:44 Popular Apps First Tour

    Apps First Tour

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    This is a tour video. This video helps you to understand major features of Apps First deeply .

  • 02:25 Popular App Creation

    App Creation

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    In this video you can get a demo of how to create an App using Apps First. In this video you can go deeply in to the app creation and default App modules added with app creation.

  • 04:32 Popular Wizards.Entity


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    This video take you through how we can create entities for an App, created using Apps First by using wizard. It gives you deep descriptions about what information you have to give in each step of the wizard. It also helps you to know what all things you h